Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My first attempt at planning & teaching with Backwards Design

I really had fun digging into my UBD design for living and nonliving.  It was refreshing to take a second look at something I teach every year to make sure it’s rich and content and to remind myself of my true intentions.  I often worry that if I was asked, “What is my goal?” with my lesson that I won’t have a response.  I realize that most of what I teach is purposeful and does relate to standards and goals but I often neglect thinking it.  I guess that is what makes me most excited about this format because the essential question is easy to understand and is in kid language.  I can post it in my lesson plan book and use it prior to learning to help motivate the kids and guide us in our learning journey.  I know my purpose and intentions with each lesson/unit.  I’m looking forward to teaching this unit!

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