Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is your BIG ROCK?

During our last SCB2 meeting, we watched the video discussing the big rock idea.  It left me wondering if the purpose was to discover how to adjust and rearrange life to fit it all in or to think more about what is important in life and focus on my "big rocks?"  It's hard to decide what exactly is a big rock because it all feels so important.  Obviously I believe my family, work and masters program our my biggest rocks. However I wish faith and "doing good for others" were part of that combination.  And how does one decipher between a big rock and a little rock when you are caught up in the moment.  My whole life I've always been told I worry too much, to not let it bother me, that I'm easily annoyed and I'm too hard on myself.  I obviously haven't had much success letting the little things go and staying positive and focused on the big things.  
And even when I am focuses on the big rocks I tend to stay very narrow minded and can only do one rock at a time.  I don't believe that is a weakness and I do believe that many people feel the same and pulled in too many directions at once.  Our society pushes for us to be it all and to have it all.  It's hard to let that feeling go and it's hard to realize you maybe haven't given enough attention to all your big rocks.  So what have I done to help me through this you may ask?  I'm taking baby steps.  This week I told my kids how much I loved them each time I dropped them off at daycare.  A simple thing but often forgotten about in the rush of dropping them off so I can get to work.  I also sleep less.  I try to do my homework outside of family time. Last, instead of making a project at school "cute & perfect" I just used my copy from last year.  And it was okay!


  1. Hi Rebecca! My name is Rhea Garcia and I am in the Anoka 16 community. We are to get to know teachers in other communities before our next weekend so I found your blog because I am also a kindergarten teacher. I liked your blog entry on your big rocks in your life. I feel also that faith should should be a big rock in your life. That is one of mine too. Good luck with your future work in the grad program.

  2. Rebecca,
    I am also in the Anoka 16 community.

    I agree with everything you had written about the BIG ROCK ideas. We also completed this activity. It makes you stop and think about all of the choices you make to further your education. :) It will be worth it.

  3. Rebecca,
    I too asked that same question – how do you decide in the moment if the rock is big or little? And what if all your rocks seem big? I have yet to figure those questions out!! I have also been told that I worry too much and I think part of this program’s role is to teach me to worry less and that in order to get things done I need to let some worry go and trust that things will work out and everything will be OK:)

  4. Hi Rebecca -

    I absolutely understand where you are coming from, and although I still have some of the characteristics you mention, I have really learned to let go of some things. About six years ago my husband was admitted into an inpatient treatment facility for alcoholism. During his time there, I also had to participate in the sessions. It turned out to be the best thing for me to help me to learn to deal with all of the "rocks" more successfully. The serenity prayer has become a motto for my life, and I have learned to practice the "one day at a time" idea through the process. Enjoying the moment; giving myself permission to not be perfect; letting some things go when they aren't super important... all of those ideas were foreign to me prior to that awful moment of admitting my hubby. I must say, though, that it was perhaps the most defining moment of my life. I have changed for the better, and he is still sober. If you can learn to modify your thinking and give yourself permission to enjoy more, things will all fall into place (and you may even be happier than now)... :-) Life is a journey, remember, not a destination? :-)

  5. Thanks for all the support and feedback. I know I need to change my thinking and allow myself time to relax and enjoy living. Sharing and discussing it with one another is very therapeutic for me.

  6. Rebecca,
    You are just blossoming before my eyes. I have had more fun with you in the past 6 months. I see you relaxing and adding in the "fun" rock into your bucket. Your kids are so important to you and that is evident by how you talk about them and place them in the center of your bucket. You have become more open to new ideas at school. I am so impressed by how much you have embraced the learning journey we are on. I look forward to keeping you in my bucket as a person I call "friend".

  7. Beth, you make me cry every time I read your supportive and kind comments. I too have truly enjoyed getting to know you this year and growing our friendship. Thanks for keeping things fun and being a positive role model in my life! I truly admire your passion for teaching, your love of family and faith, and your high flying fun spirit. You are amazing to me:)