Monday, May 13, 2013

My NEW instructional strategy: 3 Stay 1 Stray

My new instructional strategy I tried this week was “3 stay 1 stray”.  After introducing living and nonliving and watching an educational video I had the kids recap what they learned about.  Groups were given either a “living” or “nonliving” labeled piece of paper.  Students were asked to write or color things they learned about each category. Afterwards, I had one student (the youngest student in the group) move to another group to share their groups’ ideas and learning.  Overall I felt this was a beneficial instructional strategy.  It included an engaging, hands-on cooperative learning opportunity for students.  Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through pictures or words and then were verbally able to express it to others.  It was a great way to quickly recap the new information the received for the day.  On the negative side, students who did not “stray” were disappointed and not the best listeners for the student who was presenting.


  1. Rebecca- I like the new instructional strategy that you used with your class this week. I have never heard of the Three Stay and One Stray strategy until reading about it on your blog. Did you find this strategy on the list we received from Jency? Do you think you will apply this strategy again during a different lesson? I like the idea of the children sharing their knowledge with another group…that can be powerful. But, I can see how the other children who did not get to “stray” were disappointed and would not be great listeners because they are too focused on what they are missing out on. That is really a big problem at this age level that we experience. I strive to be as fair as I can always be, but one of my students has made me far more aware of this issue this year. I look forward to trying your new strategy with my class sometime. I need to figure out a way that they all can share so it is a strategy that is viewed as fair in their eyes. Thanks for sharing!! 

  2. I agree Lisa. It is so hard to do so many of these strategies in Kindergarten and to keep it fair. We could give everyone a turn like the strategy "Stir the Team" but I'm always confronted with the time issue. There is never enough time in the day. Oh and yes, I found this on the list of 1,000's of ideas under "S."