Saturday, August 31, 2013

What questions do I still have? What roadblocks am I anticipating? How will I mediate those roadblocks? What successes to I anticipate? Why?

There are a few roadblocks that I think could get in the way including curriculum, the sense of “feeling behind,” time and personal issues & anxiety.  Even though I teach kindergarten, we still have a very rigorous curriculum that allows for very little time for me to deviate and make additions.  I’m also very aware of my concrete sequential personality that makes me want to check things off the list and not deviate far from the task ahead.  This will be a new adventure for me as I challenge my previous ways of thinking and try teaching with new ideas.  There is a lot to keep in mind as the inner teacher in me wants to teach with developmentally appropriate practices  pressure to impress the administration and need to show great test scores makes me feel that I need to teach with more scripted and teacher-directed practices. 

To alleviate some of these ideas and pressures I just need to lean on support from my amazing colleagues, remember to breath, take time for myself and keep teaching with intention and attention all year long. 

As a result of all my hard work and effort, I anticipate a successful group of learners in which we have built many connections and strong relationships.  I anticipate less anxiety and negative behaviors in my students as they are allowed more time to play, move and be a part of their kindergarten learning.  I’m also hopeful to see student’s show more initiative and self-directed learning as they were able to experience the school year with those ideas in the forefront.

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