Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Action Research Sharing Proces

How does an increase time in play, movement and creative opportunities affect my kindergarten students?  A review of the literature showed that all three components of play, movement and creativity lead to overall cognitive, physical and social/emotional well-being.  Students become effective problem solvers and can think creatively when engaged in real life play situations.  As a result of the literature, I focused on creating specific changes in my classroom environment and teaching: 1. an increased time in play 2. additional opportunities for student choice, student led activities 3. opportunities to move and a change in teacher expectations of movement 4. an increase in dramatic play opportunities 5. specific class led creative endeavors.  Assessment of the results of the action research included a teacher field journal of student behaviors and choices, a parent, student & teacher survey as well as a checklist of behaviors presented in the classroom.  Specific skills such as creativity, risk-taking, problem solving and aggressive behaviors were targeted at specifically by the field notes and checklists.
1.    How can I assume that my results are specific to the changes I made in my teaching versus the dynamics of my classroom demographics?

2.    What strategies and tools can help me time manage and organize my field journals and notes?  How am I going to use all this data to make conclusions about my research? 

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