Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CC Math Stations

My kids were given paper clips and allowed up to 4 kids per activity. They could rotate in and out of the stations for the 3 consecutive days we did math stations. My plan is to do this bi-weekly while still keeping up with the curriculum. Three days was a good amount of time to spend on the activities. They didn't make it to all the rotations so it could easily extend to 4 days.

I have been wanting to differentiate and update my math by adding math stations. It is not a new idea by any means but something our curriculum has never had room for...I'm making room for it now. Inspired by Dr. Jean's learning center "contract," I made my own contract for math. I have 6 math stations that will change and 4 staying consistent including - journal writing, - iPads (a new app will be introduced hopefully bi-weekly), - math boxes (from our curriculum) and - card games (new games introduced weekly or bi-weekly). My hope is to keep the 6 stations somewhat consistent to reduce the time needed for directions. Here is a picture of my first set of 6 rotations. 1 - number writing/rainbow writing 1-5 2 - games (Race to 10/20 and addition flash cards) 3 - ordering numbers (dominoes 1-10 with matching number cards) 4 - concept (shape game, playdough shapes, draw shapes) 5 - puzzles (addition or pattern puzzle) 6 - dot-to-dots (differentiated using the math curriculum worksheets and various other internet dot-to-dots)


  1. I like your idea of having a math contract for students to share what they did in math! Do they work on this during or after math centers? It sounds like you are offering a variety of ways to differentiate to the needs and abilities of your students. I am always looking for new games/activities that can be easily modified to reduce time spent on introducing or explaining directions. What other activities/games will you have in your math tubs for the next rotation?

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa. My kids travel with their calendar to and from the stations. Any work that is on a sheet of paper they staple to the contract. (I should have had a mini stapling lesson prior!)

    Next rotation:
    1 - number writing on white boards 1-6; curriculum wkst p.61
    2 - games (123 break; One more Dice bingo, Race to 10/20)
    3 - ordering numbers (missing number wksts –differentiated)
    4 - concept (sorting money, differentiated money lakeshore game)
    5 - puzzles (counting 1-10; bugs 1-20)
    6 – pick a # -stamp hand to show # and write # sentence (6=5+1)

  3. I spent a lot of time creating math activities for my class before I went on maternity leave. It was a lot of fun creating them and seeing the kids begin to play them. I love all your ideas as well. The math contract is a splendid idea!

  4. I LOVE the math stations that you have created for your students. I know how much you wanted to add to our current math program. Your technology skills were used to create a wonderful math form. You will have to let me know how you are liking this...we start our math tubs on Monday.