Saturday, October 26, 2013

Technology Plan

As a member of the tech team in our district, I already find it imperative to be a leader and use the technology resources available to us.  We have recently acquired 4 classroom iPads, a teacher iPad from last spring and now a set of tablets available to our grade level for one hour daily.  I have already begun using technology in many ways but want to increase the usage.  

This is my plan for increasing technology in my classroom:
-weekly math/technology integration lesson
-implementing grade level SAMR project (We worked as a team to take just a few lessons and bring them farther up on the SAMR model) 
-iPad availability during choice time
-iPad usage during new implementation of math stations
-researching more apps for our math curriculum…I’d like to use these as resources for my math stations and have one new app for every 1-2 weeks
-monthly language arts/technology integration lesson (I need to spend time working on this and would like to increase it to weekly or at least bi-weekly if possible.  The SAMR model will be my tool to making sure I am doing more than just replacement level.)
-I’d like to create a grade level plan for how we can begin using our tablets and making sure we are using them daily as a team.

-I’d like to further my leadership skills and share more of what I am doing in the classroom with technology with others on my team.

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