Friday, November 29, 2013

CC Making Student Interest Matter

We all know that student's learn best when they are excited about the topic and interested in what is being taught.  I always have so many kindergartners who love Legos each year so this time for centers, I found different Lego activities for them to do at math from Pinterest.  I let them pick which one to do and how many they wanted to do.  The kids thought it was neat and my one boy who is completely obsessed eyes just lit up when he saw a whole center focused on Legos = priceless!

1. Roll a Lego Man

2. Lego board game

3. Graph legos


  1. These are great! I too have a few boys who love legos; I'll have to try some of these too. I found this website that offers to other math ideas too...

  2. Rebecca, what a great idea! I will for sure be using these when I return to the classroom. Legos are so fun!