Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lasallian Concept: PRESENCE -What is it and how do I see it in my classroom/teaching?

The Lasallian concept of Presence means to me a teacher who is intentional and thoughtful in all that they do.  The teacher reflects often about their teaching.  I see myself doing this more now than ever as I’m back in school blogging and reflecting each day.  I’ve always had an internal dialogue with myself about my day and teaching but writing it down in words takes it farther.  I’m able to dissect it and dig into the why and how I teach the way that I do.  Presence also means showing love and acceptance of all students.  I work hard at welcoming all students daily and including them no matter what their ability.  I think I can always improve when we talk about the more challenging students and those that require additional support & adaptations.  Finding the time and motivation to put the effort forth is critical.  Moreover, I see presence in my classroom when I let them make the decisions such as voting on what to sing/write/play or do.  I see it when children ask questions and I ask questions back instead of give answers.  I guide them, lead them and encourage them to ask questions of their own.  I try to instill the idea of learning of them so they will continue to ask the questions and solve the problems versus rely on me to do it for them.  Lastly, the concept of presence can also be shown in the classroom through creativity and risk-taking.  My ROL this year has focused on the importance of both.  In my teaching I do a variety of things to encourage student creativity and independent discovery.  I encourage them to try new things and I allow them to change/do things differently by providing multiple options and ideas for lessons.  I’ve given them more opportunities to work with whom they choose as well as provide lessons that encourage brainstorming, creative thinking and individuality.  I find it challenging at times at this young age to do this because they product they come up with may not be exactly what I’d like or hoped for.  I’m learning to let go as well as giving them more resources and ideas prior to guide them in their creations

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