Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Technology Integration Week 1 & 2

I introduced two new apps for our technology integration.

My first technology integration tool/app: Flashcardlet

It's a simple and free way to make flashcards.  I uploaded all of our kindergarten sight words into the app.  I'm not a huge flash card fan but it's one way to increase motivation especially with my strugglers.  They all LOVE the iPads so it was definitely something they all tried but I don't see them picking it at choice time:)

My second technology integration tool/app: Schoology

I used a new option on Schoology to help involve parents more into our school day. We’ve been doing pictures and posts about our week and curriculum.  This week I added a video of them reciting their weekly poem as well as created a discussion where they could see their child’s Puppetpals creation.  The students are very eager to tell me to put things on Schoology.  They constantly want their picture taken.  However, I find that the tool is not being used very highly by parents. I get that parents are busy and overwhelmed so I understand.  I just want them to feel involved and connected as much as possible.  (I also want them to look because I put all the time into uploading and sharing it with them)

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