Saturday, February 1, 2014

Haiku Deck -Technology Integration

I created a Haiku Deck presentation for the upcoming winter Olympics.  Each classroom in our school was asked to pick an Olympic sport to learn more about.  I thought the constructivist teacher in me would allow the kids to pick the sport.  I came up with 5 slides total.  Four of the slides shared about one Olympic sport.  I added a picture and short description.  Then the kids voted.  I like giving them the control and allowing them in the decision making of the classrooms.  I’m hopeful this will help them be more eager as we dig into learning about snowboarding.  I did have a few disappointed kids as well but the excitement of all our “I love to Read” Olympic activities will hopefully change their mind.

As far as using the tool Haiku Deck, it was simple enough to create and the information blog was helpful as an introduction to beginners.  However, when I wanted to use the presentation it would not work.  I couldn’t get it to load and everything was frozen.  The tech person in my building and tech help support people knew nothing of this technology tool so they could not help me.  It is very frustrating having to rely on technology.  I put in my time to make the slides and presentation look nice and not having something ready when I need it is very frustrating and discouraging.  I personally still prefer the ease of Powerpoint and Prezi for presentation slides.

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