Friday, February 21, 2014

More Technology

I used the Book creator app in my math center rotations this week.  This isn't a new app but in kindergarten, I think it's okay to use an app again connect with prior knowledge and develop expertise.  The students were somewhat familiar with the tools of the app and it gave me time to move around and help others.  The students used the app to develop their own math story.  They had to draw a picture, write a number sentence and record their story.  I feel this lines up with the argumentation step on the SAMR model.  Students had a fresh new and motivating tool to use over paper pencil.  It was interesting that many students didn't remember how to navigate the app.  They still required support and lots of modeling.  Their math stories for the most part were very simple with little elaboration.  However, it did leave an open door to differentiation.  One of my high flyers wanted to do multiplication so we came up with a problem and story.  Upon completion, students swapped iPads and solved each other's stories.

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