Saturday, March 1, 2014

March CC - Tens and Ones Differentiated Math Lesson

I took our math lesson from the teacher manual and adapted it to fit with an idea I saw on Pinterest. We have been working on teen numbers and seeing them as tens and ones.  The students used pipe cleaners and beads for their tens and ones instead of the usual centimeter cubes we use in our curriculum.  

This is how I differentiated...

Teen Numbers/On Level:
I gave students a teen number dice to roll, pipe cleaners, beads and sheet.

#’s 1-69/Above Level:
I gave students 2 regular dice.  One dice for the “tens” and one dice for the “ones.”

The lesson went well and the kids stayed actively engaged.  I thought they were more motivated with a new medium to use.  The high kids enjoyed the challenge and it was easy to manage both groups.  I just kept the higher kids at the carpet and gave them the extra directions before sending them to their tables.


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