Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Technology Plan for the Future

My technology plan for the future consists of using weekly or bi-weekly visits to the lab or use of iPads/tablets.  I would like to continue integrating a new tech tool monthly as that seems more manageable.  I also want to use apps/tech tools more than once to help my students develop comfort and ease with the application.  I plan on looking at 2 large lessons yearly and making sure I am moving up to the top of the SAMR model.  

I plan on using my blog to stay connected to the other blogs that are also teaching at my grade level.  I get many amazing ideas from the well in addition to using Pinterest.

I will continue to use Schoology to connect with parents and share the news, pictures and videos from our classroom.  I’d like to engage and involve parents more in using this tool.

I will continue representing my grade level team tech rep.  I attended the TIES conference and still have many apps and tools that I want to explore and use.  Specifically I want to look more at how I can use QR codes to help with my listening center and other lessons I teach.

Overall, I feel I have already begun to integrate technology consistently into my teaching. Now, I just need to know it's going to work every time I use it!

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